Turkey Run Landfill

Welcome to the Turkey Run Landfill, which opened in December 2009. This facility is owned and operated by a Waste Management company and is situated on over 400 acres of privately owned property in the beautiful Pine Mountain foothills of northern Meriwether County, Georgia. The site was thoughtfully designed to preserve the natural aesthetics of the land by clearing only necessary foliage and structuring the entrance to minimize tree removal.

Consideration for the environment continued during construction of the scale house, which is a thoughtfully designed modular building comprised of 80 percent recyclable materials. The materials, construction and placement of the offices were designed in an energy, resource and material efficient manner. The building is the ultimate in recyclable, as it can easily be relocated, eliminating the need for any future demolition.

This is a regional facility that will serve the disposal needs of residential, municipal and commercial customers in West Central Georgia and its surrounding counties. Only a portion of the acreage will be used for disposal. The remaining acreage provides an expansive and natural buffer around the perimeter of the facility. This additional acreage provides wildlife habitat for many animal, plant and water species native to the area.

The Turkey Run Landfill operates under strict environmental regulations. As a State permitted disposal site, operations are monitored by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and other permitting authorities such as the Army Core of Engineers, who helped redesign Blue Creek, which runs through the property.

The landfill will accept only municipal solid waste, which includes non-hazardous household, commercial and industrial waste and construction and demolition debris. Hazardous waste is strictly prohibited.

Using the most current technology and a highly-trained professional staff, the Turkey Run Landfill is proud to have the opportunity to manage your waste needs in an environmentally safe manner now and in the future.

Contact Info

Turkey Run Landfill
7144 Lone Oak Road
Hogansville, GA 30230

Customer Service
Email: csctak@wm.com
Phone: 888-964-9721

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday 5am-3:30pm
  • Saturday 7am-noon
  • Sunday – closed